Renfrewshire 2023

Community Planning

Each of Scotland’s 32 local authority areas has its own community plan. Community planning brings public organisations such as the council, the police, the fire and rescue service and the health service together with local communities to organise and deliver the services that these communities need. These include health, education, transport, social care and support for local jobs and businesses.

A key role in achieving our goals for Renfrewshire 2023 will be played by community organisations – the charities, groups and voluntary organisations that support disabled people and their families, run kids’ sports clubs, organise local clean-ups and provide many other services. These voluntary organisations play an essential role in improving the lives of local people and the vitality of our communities.

In Renfrewshire, our community plan focuses on six themes which were agreed following a wide consultation and discussion. Each theme has a detailed action plan and its own planning board made up of representatives of local organisations. The boards meet six to eight times a year to make decisions and monitor the progress of the community plan. You can find more information on the theme boards in the theme sections below. 

The overall plan is managed by the Community Planning Partnership board made up of all of the main partner organisations which meets four times a year.

Watch a video about community planning in Renfrewshire

Renfrewshire Community Planning Partnership Board

The Renfrewshire Community Planning Partnership Board provides oversight and direction for the six community planning theme boards.