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Open Data in Renfrewshire



Renfrewshire Community Planning Partnership is taking a lead role in complying with the Scottish Government’s Open Data Strategy.

Open Data is non-personal data, which is accessible to anyone, via the internet, free of restriction on use and, according to most usages of the term, in a machine readable form (machine readable covers a wide spectrum of technologies from csv files to xml or rdf).

Scottish Government (2015)


An Initial Open Data Strategy for Renfrewshire has been produced to start the open data initiative, stimulate conversation and to gather support from Renfrewshire partners.

An initial Open Data enlightenment event took place on Friday 29 January 2016 in the Abercorn Conference Centre.

Aims of the event included:

  • starting the open data conversation with partners and within the council,
  • exploring what open data is all about,
  • talking about what other councils have been through,
  • examples of some of the benefits open data can bring, and garnering support for an open data advocates network for Renfrewshire.

Further information on Renfrewshire’s Open Data event and strategy  can be found in the links and downloads below:

Renfrewshire’s Open Data ‘Enlightenment’ event, Fri 29th January 2016, Abercorn Conference Centre, West College Scotland:


To find out more about the Renfrewshire Open Data Strategy please contact Peter Rub by phone 0141 618 7543 or e-mail: peter.rub@renfrewshire.gcsx.gov.uk