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Our Renfrewshire is Fair

Our Renfrewshire is: Fair

The first years of someone’s life have a huge influence on their future. Children’s developmental outcomes are affected from before they are born and throughout their childhood.

For this reason, our health services in particular have a real focus on key early influences on child health such as smoking, breastfeeding, and maternal and parental stress. Renfrewshire has had a significant focus on early years approaches over the last few years, recognising the importance of a strong start in life.

Our Priorities:

• Ensuring our children get the best possible start in life
• Addressing the poverty related attainment gap, and young people can achieve success after school
• Identifying people’s needs early, by sharing information and working together
• Tackling health inequalities and narrowing the gaps in healthy life expectancy
• Reducing drug and alcohol misuse in our communities
• Ensure that people currently facing disadvantage get access to opportunities to improve their health, skills and income