Our Renfrewshire

Our Renfrewshire is Thriving

Our Renfrewshire is: Thriving  

Renfrewshire’s economy faces a number of significant opportunities to grow our economy and make our area more prosperous.

We have developed a Strategic Economic Framework which provides a clear sense of direction for Renfrewshire’s economy, and clearly linked to our role in the regional economy of the Glasgow City Region. We have set up a Renfrewshire Economic Leadership Panel which demonstrates our commitment to working in partnership with our business community to achieve our goals.


Our priorities:

• Growing our working age population by encouraging people to stay here, and attracting new people to settle here
• Identifying opportunities for economic growth across the City Region, and developing thriving and sustainable cultural, creative, digital and manufacturing sectors
• Achieving Inclusive Growth by making sure Renfrewshire’s investment and opportunities deliver for all
• Equipping people with the skills and pathways to access opportunities and making sure people can access work which affords them an acceptable standard of living
• Making sure the infrastructure is in place to support growth in local economy and population (such as housing, transport and schools)
• Promoting a positive image and reputation of Paisley, and Renfrewshire as a whole, in Scotland, the UK and internationally