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Terms of Reference

Diversity and Equality Alliance in Renfrewshire (DEAR) group

Terms of reference and membership

The role of the Group

1. Diversity and Equality Alliance in Renfrewshire (DEAR) group is led by equality groups and is part of Renfrewshire Community Planning Partnership. The DEAR group contributes to the wider agenda of community empowerment through the Forum for Empowering Communities group within Renfrewshire Community Planning Structure.

2. The group advises and contributes to the development and promotion of the current, emerging and evolving equalities agenda within Renfrewshire.

3. The group aims to tackle inequality issues in constructive ways in order to positively change perspectives and promote more inclusive attitudes in Renfrewshire by working closely with Renfrewshire Community Planning Partnership and equality led community groups.

4. Structure




Ways of working


Membership consists of community groups, public and third sector organisations

Membership is reviewed and updated on annual basis. (updated 30/10/2018)