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Get Involved

Community planning isn’t just about services provided by public bodies. It’s also about local activity organised by individuals and groups that can help to reach our goals for Renfrewshire.

If we are all pulling in the same direction, at the community level and within our public services, then we can achieve our aims.  You can get involved in community planning in a number of ways.


Helping a young person into work

Businesses play a vital role in providing jobs for local people and supporting Renfrewshire’s economy. If you are a local business owner or manager, you could get involved with the Invest in Renfrewshire programme and provide work experience or employment for a local young person.

Starting your own community organisation

If you can see something that needs done in your community, the best way to do it might be to set up your own group. Engage Renfrewshire provides advice and support to local community groups on how to formally set up a group and where to seek funding to run activities.