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Share Your Ideas

Have you got an idea for a project that can help to make Our Renfrewshire vision a reality? Maybe you’ve got a great scheme for improving life in your community or for helping a specific group of people? Often, the best way to achieve your goal is to set up your own community or voluntary group, bringing together people who share your aim. Funding is often available from local or national government, from trust funds or charities such as the Big Lottery.

To be eligible for most types of funding, your group has to be properly constituted with a chairperson, a treasurer and other board members. This isn’t difficult to set up. You can get free help and advice from Engage Renfrewshire about what you need to do.

Furthermore, you will be able to find more information about community funding from Invest in Renfrewshire community page. There you can read about funding tips, find out what grants are available for your community group and much more.

You can also share your ideas on social media with other local organisations involved in the community plan. Get involved in the Renfrewshire conversation on the community planning Facebook page or follow what people are saying on Twitter hashtag #ourRenfrewshire.

Also, there may be community groups in other parts of Renfrewshire who have tackled similar issues. You can use social media or contact Engage Renfrewshire to find out.

Share your ideas with us