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Volunteering is a key part of our vision for Renfrewshire 2027. Some of the action in the plan will be carried out by local statutory organisations such as the police, the council and the health service.

But lots of the important work that needs to be done to improve lives and communities in Renfrewshire depends on volunteers giving their own time to help local voluntary groups and charities.

These are often the organisations that have a real impact on people’s lives – helping to care for old or disabled people, giving young people places to go to, things to do, or just someone they can trust to give them a bit of advice.

Volunteering has lots of benefits for lots of people. People in the community get help that they need and you as a volunteer get satisfaction from helping others. Volunteering can also help you to develop new skills and provide you with experience that could help you find work or change your career.

Engage Renfrewshire is the organisation that supports voluntary organisations and volunteering activity in Renfrewshire. You can find out more about volunteering opportunities on their website.



Volunteering FAQs

Q: Are there any age limits for volunteering?

A: There are no general age restrictions for volunteering, but particular volunteering opportunities may require people to be a minimum age because of the responsibility of the post. While there is no general upper age-limit, some posts may have requirements for levels of mobility or physical fitness.

Q: Do I have to volunteer for a minimum number of hours a week?

A: Again, there is no general restriction, but it depends on the nature of the task. Many organisations will welcome volunteers whenever they are available.

Q: I’m not available at the same time each week. Can I still volunteer?

Many organisations have opportunities that allow volunteers to drop in and contribute whenever they can.

Q: If I have to travel to volunteer, will my expenses be paid?

A: In virtually all cases, organisations that use volunteers will recompense reasonable expenses for travel.

Q: Will I have to have to undergo any checks before I can volunteer?

If the volunteering post involves contact with groups such as children or people with disabilities, then you’ll need a PVG (Protecting Vulnerable Groups) check.