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I Am Me

I Am Me is a community project which has been developed by the I am Me charity, Police Scotland and Paisley’s PACE Theatre Company. The aim of the project is to raise awareness of harassment and abuse directed at people with disabilities.

The project has two main parts – I Am Me drama and Keep Safe

I Am Me drama is a drama performance designed with PACE to be staged in schools, workplaces, communities, disability groups and for police officers. The drama tells the story of a young adult with autism and a learning disability and shows the difficulties he faces within society. The performance has been watched by more than 3000 people, including a performance at the Scottish Parliament.

I Am Me performance scene

Keep Safe has been developed by I am Me and Police Scotland. The project works with local businesses to create safe places that disabled, elderly and vulnerable people can go to when they are out in the community. Disabled and elderly people are offered a Keep Safe card which has information about any medical and communication needs they have, as well as contact details for a carer, friend or relative who can help in an emergency. Participating businesses can be identified by a Keep Safe sticker on their window

Keep Safe logoAnyone who feels lost, frightened or vulnerable can go inside and ask for help from a member of staff.

If you would like further information about I am Me, please contact iammeproject@yahoo.co.uk

Website – http://www.iammescotland.co.uk/

Facebook – www.facebook.com/iammeproject

Twitter – @IammeScotland


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